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Guess there isn’t a “Don’t Bother to Keep Trying List”, after all ...

Well, after the last of the straggling-along magazines had finally stopped, two new ones with expirations in 2012 and 2013 have begun showing up. The customer service department for one of those magazines provided contact information for “the telemarketing company, Subco,” who had placed the subscriptions.

“Gloria”, Subco’s representative, explained the arrangement … evidently, Millennium Marketing decided in November 2010, nearly a year and a half after the initial National Readers Service (Pittsburgh) solicitation, to provide two complimentary subscriptions for my daughter through Subco. Upon expiration she would receive notification to pay for any continued subscriptions (if deciding to keep them).

The typical (and I’m assuming intentional) confusion of overlapping company names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. prompted me to make a subsequent call during which “Desiree” clarified that Millennium Marketing, Kansas had placed these subscriptions and provided their phone number. (Corresponding information from their BBB report includes alternate business names: AKA Publishers Renewal Service, DBA National Readers Service, et al.)

Both Subco and Millennium Marketing (and the assortment of aliases and DBA names) are impossible to miss throughout on-line consumer complaint threads, and the details of consumer experiences are consistent with typical magazine subscription scam nonsense. Needless to say, I’m more than skeptical of how “complimentary” those subscriptions would actually end up being, not to mention, how “optional” their renewals would be.

Thankfully, “Gloria” and “Desiree” were very polite, immediately agreeable to cancelling the subscriptions, and offered no hesitation in providing Millennium Marketing’s contact information. Our address has been placed on their “Do Not Mail” list, and WRITTEN cancellation confirmation was requested from them within the next 10 business days. I plan to request the same from Millennium Marketing, as well.

While the sheer persistence and (at least the efforts of) ingenuity by magazine subscription scheme organizers are noteworthy, I gotta say, the whole idea of magazine telemarketers who don’t even bother to call to market their subscriptions is pretty spiritless. Post links with my entire NRS (and now Millennium Marketing and Subco) experience are here.

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Contact information for Subco and Millennium Marketing are listed below:

Subco, Inc. (AKA Elbon Enterprises, Inc., Subdirect)
3585 West Beechwood Ave Suite 106
Fresno, California 93711

BBB report for Subco

Millennium Marketing (AKA Publishers Renewal Service, DBA National Readers Service, et al.)
10406 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Shawnee, KS 66203-3504

BBB report for Millennium Marketing
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