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theNRSscam blog was created to provide general magazine subscription scam information, consumer protection resources, specific information about National Readers Service, and suggestions for dealing with magazine subscription scams.

If you have found any company's business practices to be deceptive or fraudulent, I strongly encourage you to contact your local consumer protection office and file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Attorneys General. Feel free to link this site to any relevant discussion you encounter, help me keep my promise, and make the ability to keep doing this type of business more difficult!!

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> December 24, 2009: Pennsylvania Attorney General opens file on National Readers Service, Pittsburgh, PA

>NRS, Pittsburgh responds to the Attorney General
> December 30, 2009: Kansas Attorney General demands trial by jury against Publisher’s Renewal Service d/b/a National Readers Service, and Treasure Coast Renewals, et al. Check out the court documents at courthousenews.com

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> Rip Off Report complaint about International Marketing Association (a.k.a., National Readers Service, et al) .


So who (and where) IS National Readers Service anyway?

The likelihood of any average consumer ever sorting out with any degree of confidence the aliases, d/b/a names, affiliations, associations, franchises, independent contractors, mail depots, mailing centers, call centers, payment processors, debt collectors …  of any business of this type is slim and is certainly the intention. Supposedly separate “companies” with “addresses” across the country could in reality be within the same room with the same employees functioning in different roles at different times. Even if all the connections could be clearly drawn, it is most likely irrelevant as it is not usual for names , addresses, and phone numbers to change and wipe the slate clean whenever necessary.

As to the question of National Readers Service, specifics from my daughter’s information are below.
1.  National Readers Service
1709 South Braddock Ave #166
Pittsburgh, PA 15218
Phone: 877- 608- 2470

All mailings postmarked- Virginia Beach, VA ZIP 23452

$68.28 debit as “Subscription Services” on bank statement with phone number 866- 928- 4064/ originated VA
2.  United Benefit Advantage & ID Sentinel Alert programs
1620 Bond Street
Naperville, IL 60563
Phone United Benefit Advantage: 1-888-472-7046
$19.99 debit as “UBA” on bank statement with phone number 866- 637- 5833/ originated VA

Phone ID Sentinel Alert: 1-888-228-0319
 3. United Benefits Services
4876-118 Princess Anne Road Suite 315
Virginia Beach VA 23462
4. International Rebates, LLC (The offered $100 “Gas Card” was actually a $10/ month gas rebate registration card from this company through United Benefits Services see above) 
PO Box 120
Tallevast, FL 34270
5. Subco, Inc.
3585 West Beechwood Ave Suite 106
Fresno, California 93711
Phone: 800-258-3350

6. Millennium Marketing
10406 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Shawnee, KS 66203-3504
Phone: 800-456-6565
Additionally, this is the official contact information from the BBB. BBB links for each individually listed “National Readers Service company” are below if anyone needs them.

1. Consumer Benefit Services, Inc 
1620 Bond St
Naperville, IL 60563-0131
(630) 420-6200
Fax (630) 420-2294
Edwin O. Velazquez, Program Support Specialist -
(630) 420-6200 or evelazquez@consumerbenefit.com

Additional Phone Numbers
(888) 255-4989 ** listed on various consumer sites as contact number for resolving complaints
(888) 610-5486
(630) 420-6200 ext. 1170
Other DBA names:
United Benefit Advantage
ID Sentinel Alert
Consumer Benefit Services Inc
America's Legal Plan, Inc.
Consumer Legal Network
Family Health Xtras
Identity Ease
My Financial Umbrella
National Roadside Assurance
Preferred Shopper's Edge
Premier Choice Benefits
Cbsi Loyalty Solutions
CBSI Membership Services
Hub Travel
2.  National Readers Service
1709 S Braddock #166
Pittsburgh, PA 15218

additional address:
3509 Virginia Beach Blvd
Virginia Beach , VA 23452

(877) 608-2470

3.  National Readers Service Inc
4550 N Pershing Ave Suite A
Stockton, CA 95207
(800) 235-0349
(209) 472-0580
(209) 472-0620
Phillip Fultano, President
Laura Fultano, Manager

Other DBA name: Consumer Readers Service

4.  National Readers Service Inc (note: this company is listed as out of business)
433 Elbo Lane
Mt Laurel, NJ 08054

(856) 778-9424

Ms. Elizabeth Baksay

5.  Publishers Renewal Service Co
10406 Shawnee Mission Pkwy
Shawnee, KS 66203

Additional addresses:
PO Box 1144
Mission, KS 66222

PO Box 3863
Shawnee, KS 66203

Additional phone numbers:
(913) 248-1800- primary business number
(800) 725-1729
(800) 304-8567 **listed as same phone number for business(es) below
(800) 447-7133
(800) 422-5696
(800) 532-3434
(800) 456-6565
(800) 493-5045
(800) 761-6618
(800) 493-5045
(866) 945-8913
(866) 945-8917
(913) 248-6215
Fax: (913) 248-0727

Previously listed numbers September 2009
(800) 304-8550- primary business number
(800) 423-2563


Additional Email Addresses

Russell Rahm, President
Jessica Richards, Customer Service Manager - (913) 248-6215
Verna Baker - CFO

Other DBA names:
Millennium Marketing
National Readers' Service
National Video Club
Readers Source
First Choice Magazine Club
Marketing Group 2000 (former name)
6.  National Reader's Service (BBB listing September 2009)
PO BOX 3863
Shawnee, KS 66023
(800) 304-8567 ** listed as same phone number for  business above

7. National Reader's Service
PO Box 3863
Effingham, KS 66023
(800) 304-8567 **listed as same phone number for business(es) above

8.  National Readers Services Inc.
10242 NW 47th Street Suite 27
Sunrise, FL 33351

Additional addresses:
10266 NW 47th Street
Sunrise, FL 33351

10266 NW 47th Street Suite 27
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33351

9. Subco, Inc
3585 West Beechwood Ave Suite 106
Fresno, California 93711

Primary Contact: Melanie Russell, Manager
Ms. Kelly Vucovich, President

Other DBA names:
Elbon Enterprises, Inc. 
Cenco Magazine Service
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Good luck to all of us!! D/
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