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theNRSscam blog was created to provide general magazine subscription scam information, consumer protection resources, specific information about National Readers Service, and suggestions for dealing with magazine subscription scams.

If you have found any company's business practices to be deceptive or fraudulent, I strongly encourage you to contact your local consumer protection office and file complaints with the Federal Trade Commission and Attorneys General. Feel free to link this site to any relevant discussion you encounter, help me keep my promise, and make the ability to keep doing this type of business more difficult!!

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Check out who else is checking out National Readers Service:

> December 24, 2009: Pennsylvania Attorney General opens file on National Readers Service, Pittsburgh, PA

>NRS, Pittsburgh responds to the Attorney General
> December 30, 2009: Kansas Attorney General demands trial by jury against Publisher’s Renewal Service d/b/a National Readers Service, and Treasure Coast Renewals, et al. Check out the court documents at courthousenews.com

Check out something interesting:

> Rip Off Report complaint about International Marketing Association (a.k.a., National Readers Service, et al) .


Can we really believe all those on-line consumer comments...??

I suspect that researching any company can lead to a surprising collection of consumer complaints. Unsatisfied customers are much more likely to air their grievances than a satisfied customer is to come to a company’s defense. (I remember hearing in a customer service seminar years ago that a satisfied customer tells one person while an unsatisfied one tells 10.) Moreover, the internet with its virtually limitless venues to broadcast those grievances only magnifies those possibilities.

Most large consumer complaint sites, such as Rip-Off Report and Complaints Board, do not require any verification of a complaint prior to it being posted. So are you reading a genuine dissatisfied customer’s complaint or one from a rival company or a disgruntled employee, knowing that search engines immediately rank these types of complaints high due to the amount of traffic on the site as a whole?

As for any positive comments, can you really be certain this is a customer or is it an employee posing as one? (On that note, scammers frequently try such tricks, and frankly I was surprised it took so long for one to comment here. BTW, I was totally disappointed in the disguise. I had hoped for better.lol)

So what makes a credible consumer testimony?? Should we believe any of them?

After my daughter’s experience and through the subsequent reading of MANY consumer complaints and comments against magazine telemarketers from a COUNTLESS number of company names, two things stood out to me- the sheer number of complaints and the consistency among those complaints in the pattern of do not call violations, methods of fraudulent solicitation, refusal to honor implied cancellation periods, deceptive disclosure of costs/ value of magazines (and other “third party” preview offers), fraudulent creation of multiple accounts and “renewals”, and abusive “collections” practices.

In the face of such consistency, I will personally choose to believe what I’m reading.

Thanks for visiting theNRSscam blog. Hope something here is helpful.
Good luck to all of us!! D/
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I'm no one special, my kid is just one of "the scammed", and I'm keeping the promise I made to National Readers Service. By the way, while I can attest to the truth of my own personal experience with National Readers Service as presented here, I cannot make the same guarantee for the other complaints and comments posted here or linked on this site. Also the suggestions offered here worked for me, the opinions I post are my own, but neither constitute legal advice. You'd have to consult a lawyer for that, of course. I hope you find something helpful here if you need it.