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Does Zuzzyu Zuzu still get “stuff”? … considering opting-out

My mother was the ultimately savvy consumer. She never hesitated to submit requests for information, products, catalogues or anything else she was interested in. She subscribed to book and music clubs, bought some of the weirdest things I could imagine through the mail, but to my knowledge never paid more for anything than what it was worth (certainly never more than she felt it was worth).

She delighted in seeing what came for her in the mail each day from all those requests and orders. She refused, however, to make the connection that all the requests for “stuff” and information about “other stuff” resulted in numerous unwanted solicitations as well. Out of my mother’s frustration for this junk portion of her junk mail, Zuzzyu Zuzu was born.

In the 1980’s she started responding to all of the unwanted intrusions in her mailbox as Zuzzyu Zuzu, a ridiculous, imaginary person that she felt “anyone with half a brain should know isn’t real.” Over time Zuzzyu’s mail became quite impressive even going so far as regular qualification for preapproved credit offers. Unsuspecting telemarketers began calling for Mr. (or Ms.) Zuzu. At which point Mother would ask which Mr. Zuzu they were calling for. Her pleasure in hearing them put a pronunciation to her creation became contagious.

Mother lived with us the last several years of her life, and Zuzzyu’s opportunity to receive mail ended when we took down her mailbox at that time. I’m certain whomever inherited her phone number didn’t appreciate (or probably tolerate) his calls either. I still regularly receive mail solicitations for my mother, however, despite no information requests, sales, or responses for the 2 ½ years since her death. At times all the reminders that she isn’t here make me incredibly sad, but other times I can’t resist the humor in noticing the last chance life insurance rate offer before her “upcoming birthday”.

I’m going to opt out of what few marketing contacts I receive for myself, and recently I’ve even considered completing a deceased opt-out request for Mother. I don’t know though, somehow I just can’t imagine my mail without all of her “stuff” in it. Who knows, perhaps Mr. Zuzu’s solicitors have been equally persistent for all these years during his non-responsiveness. I must admit even the possibility makes me smile.

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